The Memory Lingers On

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Anna Metz Segal has Alzheimer's. From the seashore at Coney Island, a wild excursion, told in flashbacks, recalls the drama of her life against a background of the tumultuous twentieth century. From Anna's point of view, the trip is a rite of passage and not a debilitating disease. Alzheimers affords her an expanded portal into the experiences of this life and other reincarnations like a dreamer drifting in and out of a restless sleep.

"I must tell you I loved it. (Kachuck) told Anna's story with such sensitivity. I loved the scenes in her youth when she was a young girl and woman full of hopes and dreams; I think (Kachuck) really captured the uneven nature of a person's personality at that age, how they are ahead of themselves in some areas and not in others. I was also fascinated by Anna's memories of other lives and times. I've never seen anyone interpret the loss of present memory in that light. It's brilliant and moving."

Alice Elliot Dark, author, In the Gloaming and Think of England: A

Kachuck's narrative of Anna's heroic journey evokes some of the best of the various Latin American and Italian schools of "magic realism" by such writers as Gabriel Manuel Marquez and Italo Calvino. Anna's world is both very "here and now," even when she is experiencing her "visions" which are both realistic and as fantastic as the paintings of Marc Chagall.

Robert Cohen, Editor-in-Chief emeritus, St Louis Jewish Light